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As a label, they make sure the equipment is at the highest standards and the environment is correct for creating hit tracks. The environment is very important, through there extensive experience in the cutthroat Music Industry, making sure the Talent and Collective talent feel comfortable and enjoy what they are creating.

Comfort creates the WOW

Audiowow owners, James King and Peter Williams, both Music fans and record enthusiasts, established Audiowow in 2012. They both have lots of passion to develop Artists and Bands to create quality music, which will stand in the forefront of the Music industry. They are working with Artists of all ages, male and female, creating an environment for them to produce Music, which will make the fans beg for more of their material.

With the owners and fellow music creators having decades of experience in this field, the development of Artists and Bands is key to success. They focus on working with Artists and Bands on a daily basis, so they always improving their amazing talent, for example, through tailored vocal coaching, making sure their voices are peaking correctly and not straining.

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